F1Cast.nl wins award!

December 13, 2010

Our Dutch podcast, the original F1Cast.nl, started 5 years ago, has been awarded by the European Podcast Awards 2010 to be the best podcast in the Netherlands in the category of Personality of 2010!!The European Podcast Award has announced that today on their website: http://blog.european-podcast-award.eu/the-national-winners-of-the-european-podcast-award-2010-146On the website of F1Cast.nl they made the news public today, and stated:

“Today the fantastic news has come to our ears that the only Dutch spoken language podcast about F1, the F1Cast.nl, has won the 2010 award at the National European Podcast Awards 2010, in the category ‘Personality’!We are VERY proud, that the work of Bert and Maurice haven’t been unnoticed since the last 5 years, and we would like to thank everybody that voted for us for their support. We are proud that we have accomplished this, and that it has been rewarded by our audience, and confirmed by a jury. We will continue our work, and we hope to bring you, our listeners, many great episodes in the future, about the greatest sports: Formula 1!”

And so are we! For the year 2011, we have submitted our podcast to run in the election as well, so let’s get all together for next years award! Many congratulations to Bert and Maurice!

Sunday Sundown returns

February 15, 2010

As of februari 16th 2010 the Sunday Sundown will return! Every two weeks Maurice will host the succesful easy listening music show, started originally in 2006. After a year of radio (ehm, podcast) silence and doing some live radio on various stations, Maurice decided to go back to his podcasting roots with the music shows.

“I missed all my listeners, and mostly the independent scene. On live radio you get tempeted to only play mainstream music, just because it’s recognizable. The live aspect of radio is surely something I’ll miss. So a live Sunday Sundown may be an option for the future. But for now, just bringing the podcast back to life feels great!” Maurice said.

You can find the Sunday Sundown at www.sundaysundown.com, or find the link at the network page of www.intralog.nl, the production company.

You can also find the Sunday Sundown in the iTunes directory.

The Double M Show is back! Live on iJoy Radio

June 21, 2009

As of today, june 20th 2009, the Double M Show has returned. Not as a podcast, but presented LIVE at iJoy Radio, the fastest growing webparty radio station.

Every two weeks a brand new 2 hour episode, live at 4pm EST at www.ijoyradio.com. Go check it out. Check the scheduele on that website for any replays if you can’t make it at the live timing!

No more DMR

April 26, 2009

The owners of DMR and Intralog Sunday Media Network have decided that the collaboration they started in September 2008 will come to an end starting inmediatly. There are no particular concerns that created this break up, but the Intralog Sunday Media Network got a chance to be involved in a new startup webradio station and therefor it was impossible to for DMR to continue the partnership.

We thank DMR for the past period that has been a great adventure, and wishes them all the best for the future. A big thank you to all the vollunteers and presenters of DMR also, they do an incredible job to DMR.

Intralog Sunday Media Network is ready for a new adventure in getting more awesome content to the listeners, and we will do all we can to make it as easy for you to get that.

There will be coming more information about this new adventure soon!

Jesse’s Country Corner, a new Intralog production

January 24, 2009

With much pride we’d like to introduce to you: Jesse’s Country Corner, a podcast - recorded live on www.dmradio.co.uk - with the best Country Music, all from independent and podsafe musicians!

Presented by Jesse Brown, a real working cowboy, from his home studio in Texas, he brings you every week the beautifull music from the country.

The show will kick off on januari 30th ‘09, at 8pm UK time at www.dmradio.co.uk and will shortly after the show be posted as a podcast at www.jessescountrycorner.com.

Jesse’s Country Corner is presented by Jesse Brown, and produced by Maurice Zondag, from the Intralog Sunday Media Network (www.intralog.nl).

Check it out for yourself, at www.jessescountrycorner.com!

The succes of modern TV

January 3, 2009

We live in a strange World. In the YouTube age, it’s still the TV that is the most popular medium people enjoy. Not radio, podcast or internetvideo, no, the good ol’ TV. The internet did change our way of getting information, but we most love to watch the productions of multimillion organizations who produce the most average programs they can, to reach the most people. At their standards and schedules. Weird? Yes. Understandable? Also yes.

Now why is it, that in this modern age, where individualism is groing bigger and bigger, we still want to watch something that we didn’t choose, is not specific to our interests, and full of commercial messages that we also didn’t choose for.

The main answer? We need structure in our lives. All day long we have to make choices. What do I wear today? What do I eat? Decisions at work, choosing what to have for diner, and so on. So it is very comfortable that our entertainment is chosen for us. And hey, we’ve got choices enough, don’t we? The moviechannel for a good movie (we’ve probably already saw), CNN for the news around the world, FOX for the best TV series, local news at KYWW, Hallmark for classic movies and tv shows, MTV for clips and music, and 168 other channels to choose from.

That’s a choice isn’t it? Well, partially, yes, it is. Although you can not choose whether you watch 24, or Prison Break, that is decided by the channel owners. At Mondays at 10 its 24, Tuesdays at 8.30 its Prison Break. And because the series are that good entertainment, we schedule our own agenda around that. Or just take it as it is. And the commercial breaks? Well, time to take a leak, or something that revolves into that later on. Or do some social talking in the room with your wife or husband so she or he won’t accuse you of non interest in them.

Structure. Not having to choose. We want entertainment, so let it come. And the alternative is there as well. If you do want to choose your own entertainment, you rent a movie, or download your podcast and watch online video.

The problem with all the new media is that it is not structured. It comes when it comes, and stays there forever, waiting for you when you are ready for it. Besides, the quality of the common YouTube clips is far from the standard we have in our living rooms, on our 43” plasma screens and DTS sound systems. HD TV is getting pretty normal these days. And even if there are HD clips like on Vimeo, it still doesn’t bring structure in my entertainment needs. And it never will, because new media is all about Content on demand. Producers produce the content, you get it at your time. And that’s the beauty of it.

Now, new media is still growing, and it already passed the radio consumption, but will it replace TV as we know it? No, no doubt about that. TV watching may change, in other words, we start watching online content on our TV, like with Apple TV, but then again, sometimes we just want to sink into the couch, and use our remote control to make our virtual decisions bleeping through the channels of mainstream content. For one time of the day, no difficult choice making. Is it going to be Pop Idol, or 24? What’s it gonna be?

Sunday Sundown LIVE

July 31, 2008

From this sunday, August 3rd, the Sunday Sundown will be broadcasted live on the internet radio channel www.dmradio.co.uk every week, on sunday evening at 8 - 10 pm (UK time - GMT+1), 12 - 2 pm PDT (US westcoast), 3 - 5 pm EDT (US eastcoast) and 21 - 23 h west european time.

The first of the total of two hours you will hear a regular Sunday Sundown, just like you’re used to, with the best easy listening podsafe and independent music. In the second hour, it will be a mix of both independent music on a virge to go mainstream and the good oldies, from the 60s till today, all the best easy listening music for your relaxing moment at the end of your weekend. The second hour will be called “Sunday Showdown Unlimited”. Your host: Mr. Sunday!

The first hour will still be available as a podcast, and even better, it will come out every week! It’s a win-win situation for both you and me!

So join me next sunday when recording my first Sunday Sundown live at DMRadio!

Here’s an overview of the broadcasting times all over the world:

  • UK (GMT+1): ————————— 8.00 - 10.00 pm
  • Europe (GMT+2): ——————–21:00 - 23:00
  • US east coast (EDT):—————- 3.00 - 5.00 pm
  • US west coast (PDT): ————–12.00 - 2.00 pm
  • India (New Delhi) (GMT+5.30): —0.30 - 2.30 am
  • Japan (GMT+9): ———————–4.00 - 6.00 am
  • Australia (Melbourn) (GMT+10): —5.00 - 7.00 am

Times are based on the summer daylight saving time. In wintertimes, hours may differ.

iPhone makes Apple a coward!

July 11, 2008

The introduction of the iPhone 3G has made Apple into a coward. I always thought they were confident. Tough. Cool. Afraid of nobody. I guess I’m wrong.

The company that grew big because it wants to be the runner up, the underdog, has showed the world, at least here in the Netherlands, that it is afraid of lack of its own succes. Indeed. The lack of succes. What happend? Let me tell you.

Today, july 11th, the iPhone 3G has been released here in the Netherlands. We never had the iPhone 1.0, so its big news here. Last night, at 0.00 am the coolest device of ‘07 AND ‘08 was officially released in the T-Mobile store in Rotterdam. More then 800 people were there, (I saw them because the event was broadcasted live over the internet) trying to get one of the 500 available phones, sold between 0.00 and 2.00 am.

And for the rest of the country, all other shops where open since 9.30 today. So you’d think you go there around 11.00, choose your model and color, draine your bank account to buy one, and leave. Just like with any other phone. No, no no no! Not at all! The news came that at 2.30 pm, all stores, in all the Netherlands, were sold out. The fact it took 4 hours says more about the speed of labour of T-Mobile employees, then the number itself, leaving a bunch of people dissapointed because they stood to far back in line or couldn’t make it at all (because they had to work for example).

The maximum number of phones a store had, where…. 30(!). Thats right. I talked to an employee of the Apple store in Zoetermeer, and he told me they only had 30 phones, where only 4 where the 16Gb. WTF? First you create a buzz, the size of multi millionairs wedding cake; and then you only supply us with a dozen of donuts?

What happend my dear Apple?  Affraid that if you would supply more, say like 100 per store, you couldn’t say after the first day ”The iPhone 3G is such a success its sold out after one day!”? Because that is the only reason I can think of a supplier would do something like this. To create yet another buzz around the product and saying “See? That’s how populair our product is.”

But it is an act of a coward!

What they should have done? They had to have done the following. Be confident about your (proven) succesfull marketing strategy, that you could create a buzz for 3 days! How they could do that?

Supply 100 phones to the stores. Do the buzz thing like you did today, so all Mac Geeks and iPod lovers would freak out and stand in line this morning. At 4.00 pm, you’d be sold out! But no worries, tomorrow (a saturday - best day of the week for retail) we will have a new ship coming in. At 12.00 am you open your stores again, working your way through the mass of people that were working yesterday, or were no 101 or higher. Bang! You just sold 200 phones per store. And do it again on Sunday if you dare. Do that in all 500 stores that sell the phone, and you’ll sell 150.000 phones in 3 days! Instead of 1.500 you do now, and maybe another 1500 next week. That is 100 times more than you do now! Now those are numbers you can be proud of. So what, you sold 1.500 phones in 4 hours time. Wow. Exciting. Especially when there is a need for another 148.500.

Maybe it’s because Apple knows, that even if you have to wait three weeks for the next delivery of iPhones, they will sell it anyway. But that is  not confidence, that is arrogance. And I always thought that was the difference between the no. 1 and the runner up or the underdog.

Major update

July 3, 2008

It was time to take some action. The company is officially formed now, so I needed a more corporate ‘look-and-feel’ on the website. We’re working hard on updaten and rebuilding the website, with tons of new content.

You can go to our shows from here, there is a syndicated blog from all our local show websites, including the ICT-Update where Maurice is a member of the panel, you can read about new media in general, contact us for doing business and much more. If you have any suggestion, or question, do not hesitate to ask! Feedback is highly appreciated.

Here’s the To Do list, with all the work yet to be done, that we will update regularly:

  • Design a Logo to replace Revolution
  • Create section “About New Media”  
  • Write article “Podcasting”
  • Write article “New Media in general”
  • Write article “User Generated Content”
  • Write article “New Marketing”
  • Write article “Social Media”
  • Create Sponsor Section
  • Create Section Other Projects
  • Create Section Friends of Intralog
  • Create Section About Us
  • Create About Intralog
  • Create About Maurice
  • Create Online Presence


January 7, 2008

Recently I came in cross with podcast reviewer and blogger Anne Frid de Vries. We got in touch, and last sunday we met on skype for an interview. Read the full article here: Anne is a man.

Thanks Anne for the nice chat we had, and your effort for the podcasting scene.

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