F1Cast.nl wins award!

December 13, 2010

Our Dutch podcast, the original F1Cast.nl, started 5 years ago, has been awarded by the European Podcast Awards 2010 to be the best podcast in the Netherlands in the category of Personality of 2010!!The European Podcast Award has announced that today on their website: http://blog.european-podcast-award.eu/the-national-winners-of-the-european-podcast-award-2010-146On the website of F1Cast.nl they made the news public today, and stated:

“Today the fantastic news has come to our ears that the only Dutch spoken language podcast about F1, the F1Cast.nl, has won the 2010 award at the National European Podcast Awards 2010, in the category ‘Personality’!We are VERY proud, that the work of Bert and Maurice haven’t been unnoticed since the last 5 years, and we would like to thank everybody that voted for us for their support. We are proud that we have accomplished this, and that it has been rewarded by our audience, and confirmed by a jury. We will continue our work, and we hope to bring you, our listeners, many great episodes in the future, about the greatest sports: Formula 1!”

And so are we! For the year 2011, we have submitted our podcast to run in the election as well, so let’s get all together for next years award! Many congratulations to Bert and Maurice!

Episode1 - the premiere 090129

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December 23, 2008

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F1Cast #50

July 9, 2008

We hebben het in deze 50e(!) aflevering over de geweldige race van Silverstone. Hamilton won overtuigend, een goede Heidfeld op P2 en verrasenderwijs

F1Cast #49

June 18, 2008

We bespreken de race van Canada met de mooie overwinning van de pool Kubica.

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