Sunday Sundown returns

February 15, 2010

As of februari 16th 2010 the Sunday Sundown will return! Every two weeks Maurice will host the succesful easy listening music show, started originally in 2006. After a year of radio (ehm, podcast) silence and doing some live radio on various stations, Maurice decided to go back to his podcasting roots with the music shows.

“I missed all my listeners, and mostly the independent scene. On live radio you get tempeted to only play mainstream music, just because it’s recognizable. The live aspect of radio is surely something I’ll miss. So a live Sunday Sundown may be an option for the future. But for now, just bringing the podcast back to life feels great!” Maurice said.

You can find the Sunday Sundown at, or find the link at the network page of, the production company.

You can also find the Sunday Sundown in the iTunes directory.

No more DMR

April 26, 2009

The owners of DMR and Intralog Sunday Media Network have decided that the collaboration they started in September 2008 will come to an end starting inmediatly. There are no particular concerns that created this break up, but the Intralog Sunday Media Network got a chance to be involved in a new startup webradio station and therefor it was impossible to for DMR to continue the partnership.

We thank DMR for the past period that has been a great adventure, and wishes them all the best for the future. A big thank you to all the vollunteers and presenters of DMR also, they do an incredible job to DMR.

Intralog Sunday Media Network is ready for a new adventure in getting more awesome content to the listeners, and we will do all we can to make it as easy for you to get that.

There will be coming more information about this new adventure soon!

Sunday Sundown LIVE

July 31, 2008

From this sunday, August 3rd, the Sunday Sundown will be broadcasted live on the internet radio channel every week, on sunday evening at 8 - 10 pm (UK time - GMT+1), 12 - 2 pm PDT (US westcoast), 3 - 5 pm EDT (US eastcoast) and 21 - 23 h west european time.

The first of the total of two hours you will hear a regular Sunday Sundown, just like you’re used to, with the best easy listening podsafe and independent music. In the second hour, it will be a mix of both independent music on a virge to go mainstream and the good oldies, from the 60s till today, all the best easy listening music for your relaxing moment at the end of your weekend. The second hour will be called “Sunday Showdown Unlimited”. Your host: Mr. Sunday!

The first hour will still be available as a podcast, and even better, it will come out every week! It’s a win-win situation for both you and me!

So join me next sunday when recording my first Sunday Sundown live at DMRadio!

Here’s an overview of the broadcasting times all over the world:

  • UK (GMT+1): ————————— 8.00 - 10.00 pm
  • Europe (GMT+2): ——————–21:00 - 23:00
  • US east coast (EDT):—————- 3.00 - 5.00 pm
  • US west coast (PDT): ————–12.00 - 2.00 pm
  • India (New Delhi) (GMT+5.30): —0.30 - 2.30 am
  • Japan (GMT+9): ———————–4.00 - 6.00 am
  • Australia (Melbourn) (GMT+10): —5.00 - 7.00 am

Times are based on the summer daylight saving time. In wintertimes, hours may differ.

The Best Of Sunday Sundown released on CD!

January 20, 2008

To celebrate the 30th episode of the popular podcast, Sunday Sundown, part of the Intralog Sunday Media Network, a music collection CD has been released with some of the best music from the past 30 episodes of the show. The CD is called The Best Of Sunday Sundown.

Even better, the CD is fully sponsored by the Intralog Sunday Media Network, and therefore free of charge. Anyone can order it at the website of Sunday Sundown: There is a button, Free CD, where you can place the order. You can order up to 5 CDs so it can be handed out to friends and family.

This exclusive album features 15 different songs from independent bands or musicians as The Best Of Sunday Sundown. The full list is as follows:

Karmyn Tyler - Drifting (
Lovespirals – Motherless Child (
Amy Courts - Company (
Matthew Ebel – Lost My Way (
Hollow Horse - Beg (
Josh Woodword – She Dreams In Blue (
Joshua Kadison - Paris (
Lee Alexander – Waiting For Someday (
Strangers in Wonderland – The Big One (
Ron Rutherford – Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye (
Phil Ayoub – White Feather (
Tim Turner – West Wind (
Michelle Gold – Almost Slipped Away (
Laura Smith – Free From Winter (  

Also, the band, A Sunken Ship Irony (, with the Sunday Sundown main theme song, Reflections at Sundown, is featured on the album.

About Sunday Sundown
Sunday Sundown is a music podcast with an average length of an hour per episode. The host, Maurice Zondag, plays the best easy listening podsafe and independent music. The show originated from the thought that a podcast as atmospheric background music would be great for any time of day no matter what you are doing; working, exercising or relaxing. And, every episode ends with a Country or Americana song.
Sunday Sundown has a consistent, loyal listener base that enjoys discovering great, new music. Some of the music styles you can hear on Sunday Sundown are Acoustic, Jazz, Blues, A Cappella, Soft Pop, Soft Rock, Electronic, Americana and Country.
More info at:  

About Intralog Sunday Media Network
The Intralog Sunday Media Network is “new media central” for all Maurice Zondag projects. He is integrally involved as a host, producer or panel member. You can find these projects aggregated on the network ( Sunday Sundown ( with the best easy listening podsafe music; F1Cast ( (Dutch) with the latest reviews of Formula 1 and A1 Grand Prix; Podsafe Sec (, a quick 3 minute 30 second music quiz where you are asked to guess the name of the band and the song by hearing just a “sec” of the song; ICT-Update ( (Dutch) with the latest news on ICT related business.

About Maurice Zondag
Maurice Zondag is a Senior Consultant at I/C WORKS. He helps his clients improve the use and effectiveness of their ICT environment. Besides that, he is a new media consultant, initiator of Intralog Sunday Media Network and producer of several podcast projects including corporate podcasts and vidcasts. As a music lover and musician himself, he supports independent music in any way he can. The album, The Best of Sunday Sundown, is a fine example of that.