Sunday Sundown #27

July 27, 2007

I had some bad news today about my personal health, so I needed some relaxing music to get my mind set straight again. I hope you will like it too, this extra long episode of the Sunday Sundown.

The music of this episode:

Lee alexander - save it all
Fisher - Somebody
Wind is mindblowing - Icebreaker
Andy Buscemi - Kiema
Caleb - imaginary ideal
Todd Martin - she knows
the wiliams brothers band - circles (accoustic)
Tim Foley - used to it this way
Shariff - Simple ways
Lorena Mire - Movies in my head
Monika Herzig - the third passenger
Monika Herzig - Katys melting song

Maria Daines - Fozzie bears song
Lee Rogers - Theme of a ballad
Edwin Derricutt - Cry
Edwin Derricutt - Cold as ice

Ronnie - fireflies of a wire
Clayton - to make you falll in love
Clayton - it was meant to be
Clayton - A girl should never eat alone

Jason Harrod - Looming
Amplifico - Lice a magnet
Exelby - stars of the southern sky
Cody Prevost - next weekend

Welcome to the re-newed website of Intralog Sunday Media

July 18, 2007

Welcome to the main page of Intralog Sunday Media. Here you will find all the new media outlets of Intralog Sunday Media like the Sunday Sundown, F1Cast and Podsafe Sec.

We’re currently rebuilding the website, so come back soon and check out for more!

F1Cast #31

July 16, 2007

À F1Cast special, about the situation at Spyker and Christijan Albers. We also talk about McLaren vs Ferrari and the end of the GP of the USA.

F1Cast #30

July 9, 2007

We hebben het vandaag over de grand prix van Frankrijk en Engeland, de positie van Albers bij Spyker en de kampioensschap aspriraties van Robert Doornbos bij de Champcars.