Sunday Sundown returns

February 15, 2010

As of februari 16th 2010 the Sunday Sundown will return! Every two weeks Maurice will host the succesful easy listening music show, started originally in 2006. After a year of radio (ehm, podcast) silence and doing some live radio on various stations, Maurice decided to go back to his podcasting roots with the music shows.

“I missed all my listeners, and mostly the independent scene. On live radio you get tempeted to only play mainstream music, just because it’s recognizable. The live aspect of radio is surely something I’ll miss. So a live Sunday Sundown may be an option for the future. But for now, just bringing the podcast back to life feels great!” Maurice said.

You can find the Sunday Sundown at, or find the link at the network page of, the production company.

You can also find the Sunday Sundown in the iTunes directory.