A new show: The Double M Show

June 12, 2008 · Print This Article

The Double M Show is the latest product from the minds of Mark Baars and Maurice Zondag, both Dutch podcasters from the early stage, and friends through podcasting. Born from the idea of doing a show when they first met in real person in january 2008. 6 months has gone by, and they took it to the test. The Double M Show is a fact! On june 21st 2008, episode 1 will be online, and can all be found at www.thedoublemshow.com! You can subscribe there and soon will be available in iTunes as well. So what is The Double M Show? It’s THE show for the best music, gossip and weird news facts, mainly from the independent / podsafe music and new media scene. Prank calls, informal chats with the top notch of music artists, to help you through your day! Listen to it at work, in your car, train or plain, or just when doing the dishes, it will brighten up your day! So, from june 21st 2008, The Double M Show is here for you! Until then, you can listen to the above mentioned episode 0, where it all begun, by pressing the link below! Enjoy! PODCAST DOWNLOAD