Major update

July 3, 2008 · Print This Article

It was time to take some action. The company is officially formed now, so I needed a more corporate ‘look-and-feel’ on the website. We’re working hard on updaten and rebuilding the website, with tons of new content.

You can go to our shows from here, there is a syndicated blog from all our local show websites, including the ICT-Update where Maurice is a member of the panel, you can read about new media in general, contact us for doing business and much more. If you have any suggestion, or question, do not hesitate to ask! Feedback is highly appreciated.

Here’s the To Do list, with all the work yet to be done, that we will update regularly:

  • Design a Logo to replace Revolution
  • Create section “About New Media”  
  • Write article “Podcasting”
  • Write article “New Media in general”
  • Write article “User Generated Content”
  • Write article “New Marketing”
  • Write article “Social Media”
  • Create Sponsor Section
  • Create Section Other Projects
  • Create Section Friends of Intralog
  • Create Section About Us
  • Create About Intralog
  • Create About Maurice
  • Create Online Presence