Strangers in Wonderland

by Maurice Zondag

I got an email from a guy called Lasse, with the request to listen to a couple of songs from his band Strangers in Wonderland, and when I would like them, if I could play them in my show. That was the start of an online friendship that is based on mutual respect for each others effort and work.

They as musicians that need a podium to send their music out to the world, me as a podcaster, always looking for quality content.

When I had the idea of the Free Best of the Sunday Sundown CD, to celebrate 30 episodes of the show, they joined inmediately. They even created a special, limited to 15 pieces album, where we both chose the songs to be on there, as a special Strangers in Wonderland Sunday Sundown CD. Their music, that matched the feeling of the show.

Guys, thanks a lot for all the work you’ve done for me and my shows, and I’m looking forward to future projects we can do!

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