Rob van der Bos

by Maurice Zondag

Rob is a podcaster too, living in ‘the jungle of Groningen’ in the northern part of our country. We met online, through our mutual hobby, podcasting, and it connected. Not so strange, since we both were born on june 19th. He a couple of years (20 or so) earlier.

Rob produces several shows. The best known are the Stampodcast and the Xtratrancecast. Both are music shows, the Stampodcast is focused on regae, dubb and ska, the Xtratrancecast, in line with its name, trance and dance music. Rob makes a great mix of independent music in his shows, and his dry sense of humour is very funny.

Although we met only once, when we created a very cool episode of the Stampod Sundown (listen here), we can speak of friendship in a 21st century way, where you don’t have to hang out together every saturdayevening¬†to be friends.

Thanks for all the things you’ve done, and I’m looking forward to more future projects!

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