Rarestar Music

by Maurice Zondag

Rarestar Music is the private lable of Ron Rutherford, rock musician with country music influence. Or country musician, with rock influence, depending on how you look at it.

Ron is a great guy. He is very busy working a way out to earn his living with the thing he does best. Writing music, and performing music. We have talked several times about marketing strategies, free music downloads, music as PR instead of sales product and that was very refreshing.

Ron is currently working on his new album that is planned to be released at the end of 2008. We are allready working on a idea what the Intralog Sunday Media Network can do to market the album, and I’m looking very much forward to that.

Ron, thanks for our friendship, and allthough we’ve never met, I can picture us together ridin’ a “Sundown” ahead on our horses, keepin’ the freak flag flyin’!

Links to Ron Rutherford and Rarestar Music

Ron Rutherford www.ronrutherford.com

MySpace www.myspace.com/rarestar

Rarestar Music www.last.fm/label/Rarestar+Records/

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