Mark Baars

by Maurice Zondag

Mark is, like me, one of the early adopters in podcasting. He started in 2005 with his Mark Baars Show and focussed with his english with a dutch accent (charcoal english according to a listener) on the international market, and especially the US. And as many friends of the network, we met online through podcasting.

We’re friends for years now, almost talk to each other every day, if not via skype, it’ll be via Twitter, and only last februari 2008 we met for the first time in real life. That day we recorded the beta episode (episode 0) of The Double M Show, more as a joke, but it worked that well, that we decided to continue the show on june 21st that year.

Mark, thanks for all the work you’re doing, we’re having a blast, and its good to know we still will be friends in 10 years from now (you have to listen to episode 0 to understand this comment)!Mark is co presenter at The Double M Show, did a radio show at A-FM (Dutch local radio) and is the owner of iJoy Radio, the webs fastes growing party!

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