Konrad Dwojak

by Maurice Zondag

“Where is Conrad?” Thats the name of the show Konrad is curently producing. A man from Poland, studying in Maastricht, and traveling around the world. In his show he interviews people about the things from life. And it represents him, the way he acts in normal life too. Interested in the story of someone else, and constantly seeking for solutions. Even if there isn’t a problem ;) (just kidding).

He has helped me several times with different cases. Could be audio, could be webdesign, could be anything.

We first met a couple of years ago when he was working on a online radion network that focussed on europe. Our ways parted after some time because I didn’t had the time to join that network. Thanks to Mark Baars, we met again. And I’m glad to have you in my network!

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Where is Conrad?: www.whereisconrad.com

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