Ron Stroope

by Maurice Zondag

Ron is a fine example of what a granddad should be. A man with a white beard, talking on a soft tone, laugh like Santa, and love his children and grandchildren unconditional and from the bottom of his heart. As a good Christian, he doesn’t take life for granted, but knows he must question life sometimes and act on that. And that makes him a good person.

The great thing about our friendship is that we can talk about difficult subjects like religion (I am not a believer), about guitars (he has like a million of them!) or just have fun joking around.

Ron is the only one of my friends I am sure of you know his voice. Because if you have ever listened to a Intralog Sunday Media Network Production, you will hear Ron say those famous words: “This p-p-p-p-podcast is an Intralog Sunday Media Network Production…”

And that is not the only thing Ron did for me to help me out. I love our conversations, twitters or emails, and I thank “your God” for that :). I hope we can enjoy our conversations for a long time into the future, and I sure hope we will do a coproduction sometime too, that would be very cool!

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