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This page is fully dedicated to all the other friends of the Intralog Sunday Media Network. They are a part of the reason we excist, and have helped out on different things. It is a thank you to all of them, and we hope we can build our friendship to the next level. Go check them out, they are awesome, and also bring some great content!

  • A Sunken Ship Irony - Since the beginning of the Sunday Sundown, the song Reflections on Sundown is the main theme of the show. They also permitted that song to be on the Best of Sunday Sundown CD.
  • Adam Curry - The podfather, to many, and also to Maurice an inspiration to start podcasting late 2004, and always willing to help out by playing promos or give his thoughts on new ideas in his Daily Source Code.
  • Amy Courts - Very talented singer / songwriter from Nashville, USA. Has been featured numerous times in several shows from the network. Her song, Company, is featured on the Best of Sunday Sundown CD.
  • Anji Bee - Anji Bee, the sexiest voice in podcasting, is always been very supportive to projects of the network. With her band The Lovespirals she has been several times been played in the Sunday Sundown, and is also featured on the Best of Sunday Sundown CD.
  • Ariel Publicity - or Cyber PR. Ariel brings us in contact with the best indie musicians or introduces us to them. Very valuable!
  • Brent Bradley -  Podcaster and panelmember in The Pod5. Professional guy, knows what he’s doing, and doing it good!
  • Brother Love - The Rock dude from NYC! Do I need to say more? If you like rockin’ music and you’re in New York, you absolutely have to see him. Always very supportive and a nice guy!
  • Chris Yale - New friend of the network, great support amongst others via Twitter, just playes some solid good music!
  • Dan Johnson Jr. - The journey inside my mind with Daniel Johnson Jr. Always in for some geek testing things, whether it is sql or video, Dan loves it all. Great to play the “Call Dan” Game. Also a panelmember at The Pod5.
  • Dwight Dunlop - Dwight is also a podcasting friend of the network. And panel member at The Pod5. And he’s a nice guy.
  • Edwin Gravenkamp - Music lover Edwin is a good friend and very into the music, both mainstream and indie. Great guy, always available when in need.
  • Hollow Horse - Great band from the beautifull country of Scotland. Since the beginning of the Sunday Sundown they have been very supportive, and let their new song “Beg” from their last album, where the Sunday Sundown is mentioned in the credits - Thank you!!,  also can be found on the Best of Sunday Sundown CD.
  • Josh Woodward - Josh is an awesom musician and a great guy, very good talent. We place a humble thank you for his support for the Best of Sunday Sundown CD.
  • Joshua Kadison - Who doesn’t know Joshua Kadison. His great worldwide hit Jessie from the 90s made him a star. But thats not who he wants to be. Went independent, to focus on his music and gives it away on his website. We manage his artist page on the Podsafe Music Network for him, because he is ‘not that good with computers’.
  • Karmyn Tyler - Karmyn is a sweetheart. A multi talent that is on the virge of her big break in Hollywood. Singer / songwriter, actress, podcaster, jury of peagant contests, she does it all. A true friend of the network, she helps out where ever she can. So a big thank you, Karmyn, you’re the best!
  • Kelly Mueller - Kelly has a voice of a bird, she is very talented and puts her love into music. Her music has been featured in many shows on the network, because she has a good ‘mainstream’ sound in her music.
  • Laura Smith - Laura is one of the artists that inmediatly said “Yes” to the idea of a Best of CD of the Sunday Sundown. She has not only the looks, she makes great music too, and in combination, it is a pleasure to enjoy her performance!
  • Lee Alexander - Give this guy a guitar, and he will entertain you. Music from the soul, gets you inmedietly. He also can be found on the Best of CD of the Sunday Sundown.
  • Lovespirals - The band of Anji Bee an Ryan Lum. Because of the style of music, they are featured many times in the Sunday Sundown, and couldn’t be missed on the Best of CD.
  • Matthew Ebel - If you listen to podcasts, you know Matthew. His music is played all over the world, in all kinds of shows. As a podcaster too he knows what it can do for him, so he uses the medium at the fullest. Was right away on board with the Best of the Sunday Sundown CD too.
  • Michelle Gold - Michelle, Christian singer / songwriter and niece of Ed Ovett, who is also a good friend of the show, has a very beautifull voice. She translates that into awesome songs, that do have a meaning She was right on the wagon to join the Best of CD project.
  • Mike Versteeg - Castblaster Mike, Winpodder Mike, or is it Studio Rack Mike? what ever the case is, he contributes to the community, and that’s wat counts.
  • Paul Monaco - Had an online radiostation a couple of years ago where the Sunday Sundown was programmed in a time slot. That was a cool time. Unfortunate it stopped and the paths parted from each other. Until Twitter came along. Paul and Maurice connected again, and its been fun again! Thanks for your loyalty support of our productions, Paul!
  • Phil Ayoub - We all remember 9/11. Phil took his feelings to a test and composed a song about the attack. White Feather became a great hit in the podoshere. It didn’t made him a millionaire, but the sattisfaction was good enough. And we thank you for your support of Intralog!
  • - One of the two Podcast Portal / community sites of the Netherlands, home of the network. The guys do great work for podcasting in general, and create a very good channel to get in touch with other podcasters.
  • Ron Rutherford - The only real cowboy I know personal! Ron is a great musician, who writes music (country rock style) from his heart, as real country musicians do. His last album “Lone Wolf” has been featured several times on the Intralog podcasts, and is an absolut ‘must have’ for everyone. He’s currently working on a new album where Intralog Sunday Media Network will provide any help to promote the album to its fans. Ron’s slogan “Keep your Freak Flag Flying” can be found all over the internet!
  • Suzy Tyler - Suzy is the mom of Karmyn. Suzy is right on top of Karmyns’ activities, and will send the message out to the world. She supports the Intralog Network since somewhat the beginning, and that is highly appreciated!
  • The Miggs - Awesome band, rock solid music, whats more to say?
  • TKPN - The Production Network of Tim Kretchman, with the show Police on the Scene. Since the start of The Double M Show its a standard piece of content of the show, where officer J.D. Dyne tells you about safety. Great show, great guys!
  • Zack “the mothman” Daggy - Last, but certainly not least, to the fact his name starts with a ‘Z’. Zack produces several podcasts at his company Mothpod productions, like the Pod5 and The Shameless Plugg Cast. His energy level is far above average, and therefor always working. He is a true contributer to the community, and we both have done a couple of things together. Therefor, a true friend of the network!
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