About New Media in general

Now what is New Media in general? You hear that term New Media on several locations, but what does it mean?

New Media is all the media produced for publishing on the internet. Movies on YouTube, Vemio, Google Video, Mevio, or audio shows like podcasts or online radio, as we with Intralog Sunday Media Network produce.

So if there is new media, do we also have ‘old media’? Well, sort of. The regular, mainstream produced content is called ‘old media’, such as TV and radio. Not that thats not good, the main media consumption is still with these media, but there is a change going on.

Because the advantages of New Media are being discovered by the consumers (like its being on demand, and you’re not dependant on when the media is brought to you) the growth is creating a lot of new posabilities. Devices as the iPod, Zune or PSP has helped developping the New Media Technology. Now you can watch or listen to your choice of content on any given time or place! And we all love that!

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