About User Generated Content

User Generated Content is wat it sais it is. Content, created by the user, instead of a million dolar broadcasting company.

There are different kinds of User Generated Content. The commercial, and non commercial. The most well known non commercial UGC is YouTube. Homemade movies. Not only the funny home movies we all know from Bob Saget, but the movies that are made on purpose. Own music shows, Formula 1 review shows, Superball shows or even a personal reality show.

The commercial UGC is more viral. Where consumers make movies or other content, based on brands. People who make their own Budweiser commercial version, or play their version of Madonna’s latest musicvideo clip.Not all brands and companies know how to use this effect. Instead of embrasing these initaitives, they summon these videowebsites to close down the video’s with their brands or music in it. Not really smart, because it is the 21th century version of word to mouth. Consumers that are enthousiastic about their brands, promote it at their own way. To their network of friends or subculture. It doesn’t cost the brands anything, its free advertising. And as word to mouth, the credability of these “adverts” are higher then regular advertisments.Once brands and companies are getting the effect of UGC, they will see it is a win win situation. The art for the brands is, how to monitor, generate and orchistrate this new type of communication.

At Intralog.nl we have the experience in this field from many cases. We can help brands to find a good strategy on how to resolve the above challenges, on an effective and hands on way, by creating pragmatic and eclectic plans, based on the companies core strategy and vision. For more information, contact us today, so we can build on the future!

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