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New Marketing. A buzz word or real deal?

Kind of both. As in the late 90s, everything is being called “new” these days. New Marketing, New Media, New PR, New Business, its all new. And its true. There are a lot of things happening these days of web 2.0, where it has become a communication tool, instead of only a information tool. Networking sites like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Hyves and LinkedIn, video portals like YouTube GoogleVideo and Vimeo, podcasting, online radio and TV, its all part of new communication tools.

And users use the internet different too. And because they do, the marketing field has to adopt the change of action too. And that is where New Marketing steps in.Marketing in general, focusses on the needs of customers. Most of the techniques are focussed on offline actions. Billboards, Radio / TV commercials, magazine adverts, DM, etc. They all are focussed on mass groups that are segmentated in large groups that can be talked to. Thats right, a one way communication. The company does research on how the target group thinks, and they make a communication model around it.

We can access the internet everywhere, using the traditional computer, but also on our mobiles like the iPhone or Android app phones, or on our television sets. New Marketing follows these web 2.0 opportunities.  It not only seeks the  need of the target group, it starts a conversation with it. Besides the technological possabilities of tracking profiles and creating advertisments specific for the visitor, it also creates a way to have a one-on-one communication with the individual consumer.

So what is New Marketing these days? It’s a new way of thinking for the marketeer. Not only think in what do I have to tell my public, but what do they have to tell me? And what and how is my response to that?

Viral marketing, where the public creates your commercials or PR, User Generated Content, like YouTube or Mevio, Social Networking, where people create groups around brands, because they love them. Marketing has changed from a one way communication, to a dialogue with your direct customers. Now is “Old Marketing” useless these days? Not even close. Marketing and New Marketing combined makes a brand stronger and better suited to the target group.

Marketeers need to open their eyes and start to use the online possabilities these times has to offer! Its an interesting development, and we, the people, control it!

At Intralog.nl we have the experience in this field from many cases. We can help brands to find a good strategy on how to resolve the above challenges, on an effective and hands on way, by creating pragmatic and eclectic plans, based on the companies core strategy and vision.   For more information, contact us today, so we can build on the future!

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