About Social Media

Social Media is a term that covers a couple of things. But most common known it is the overall way of online comunication between people or groups of people using different media types to do so. The media part in this term, means there are different media that can be used to communicate with different people. A social networking site like Facebook, MySpace or Hyves is social media. Microblogging like Twitter is social media. Photosharing on Flickr is social media. YouTube is social media. All using different media like text, pictures, audio or video. But its a way of sending your messages to your network or abroad, and let other people in your network respond to that. That is what we call social media.

At Intralog.nl we have the experience in this field from many cases. We can help brands to find a good strategy on how to resolve the above challenges, on an effective and hands on way, by creating pragmatic and eclectic plans, based on the companies core strategy and vision. For more information, contact us today, so we can build on the future!

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