The Double M Show #0

Author: Maurice Zondag  //  Category: Podcast

This time no Sunday Sundown as you’re used to, but the unbeta episode 0 of the Double M Show, with me and Mark Baars.

We’ve received an email from the future, listen what follows….

Music is from:

Karmyn Tyler - Love me so

Ron Rutherford - Freak flag

Michelle Gold - You were there

Strangers in Wonderland - House of Dreams

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5 Responses to “The Double M Show #0”

  1. Ron Rutherford Says:

    This is COOL Maurice! Great idea! I’m listening to the show now and lovin’ it! You and Mark do a great job together. Ed Ovett’s piece is great also and very funny.
    Thank you for airing “Freak Flag” from my album, “Lone Wolf.” Keep up the great work and your freak flag flyin’!

  2. Ed Ovett Says:

    Thanks Ron above for your comment on my segment I sent in! Those guys Mark and Maurice are the new Netherlands Duo from the future!! I too loved the episode. Thanks guys!!

  3. Karmyn Tyler Says:

    Whoa! Thanks for the heads up guys! I’ll try and make sure that the future is CHANGED!! Eek!! :) But, here’s my question……WHO’S THE BABY’S FATHER?? Hmmmmm….now THAT would be some useful information as well!! (hee, hee!!)

    Thanks for playing Luv Me So!! :) (Guess in the future I got too of the WRONG luv!!) :)

  4. PaulMonaco .tv » Mark and Maurice Break Space Time Continuum Says:

    [...] it up to Mark Baars and Maurice Zondag to break the space-time continuum!  After a drunken journey through space time to record a podcast [...]

  5. ML Says:

    Liking this, great idea :)

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